Become A Successful Business Coach with the Best Business Coaching Website

Business coaching websites are leading the way in making coaching more accessible to wider audiences by giving coaches the right support to launch successful coaching careers.

Technology has transformed business coaching in the past decade: extending its reach across the globe and escalating its impact throughout every sector.

Business coaching sites and platforms have contributed largely to the rise of the coaching industry.

Previous barriers presented to aspiring business coaches have all been deemed obsolete by coaching websites’ proficiency.

Business coaching sites have paved the way for expanding business coaching — making it more accessible by giving more coaches a platform to offer their sessions to a larger client pool.

So now that you’ve figured out how to become a business coach — you’ve chosen what type of coach you want to be, who your ideal client is, what your motivations are, and what coaching models you want to employ — it is time to launch your coaching business with the proper business coaching website.

Let’s start by clearing up a few things:

How do most business coaching platforms work?

In the simplest terms, a coaching website is a platform run by a team of coaching experts that allows coaches a corner of the internet to offer their coaching services.

The beauty of these platforms is that the team of experts on the other side runs the marketing, administration, and business upkeep, while a coach can focus on what they do best: coaching.

The pricing, resources offered, and management all vary among coaching platforms.

Why offer your services on coaching websites instead of launching your own solo business?

Launching your coaching career solo might sound alluring; more autonomy, keeping a larger chunk of your earnings, no interviewing, or getting vetted.

But the reality of the coaching business makes launching a career much more difficult than it seems.

If a coach decides to launch their career on their own, like many small business owners, they would have to spread their resources thin and focus their energy on maintaining a business, aside from focusing on coaching their clients — increasing the risk of failure.

Elite Mentality Shuts Out Newbies

The elite mentality that is still prominent in the coaching industry equates high costs to high-quality coaches. Coaches and clients alike have been taught that coaching at a lower price-point is inferior. And, that’s simply not true.

This turns into a cycle that makes it hard for a beginner coach to get clients to take a chance on them.

As a coach, when you have little to no experience yet, it’s difficult to convince people to pay a high price tag for your sessions; but if you price your sessions too low, you may run the risk of being snubbed by clients.

Saturated Coaching Market

With the boom of online coaching, coaches should expect the market to become saturated.

More experienced and highly skilled individuals are taking advantage of the popularity and are becoming coaches to ride that success.

But, with more fish in the sea for clients to choose from, it’s becoming difficult for beginners and experienced coaches alike to get picked out of a sea of options.

Coaching is a Hard Sell as it is

Apart from having to stand out in a sea of competition, selling a service like business coaching is a trillion times harder than selling a product that is tangible and straightforward.

When promoting yourself as a business coach, you are ultimately trying to sell an intangible result.

No matter how valuable coaching has been proven to be — it is still a tough sell that requires excellent market insights, many connections, and a lot of patience and determination that may be unachievable when going solo.

Offering Your Services on a Coaching Website Is an Effective Way Around These Problems

Create a Name for Yourself — No Matter Your Experience

Offering your sessions on a coaching website is a good way to get your foot in the door of the coaching world.

Without experience or a seal of approval from an organization or individual, starting on your own can be exceedingly difficult when trying to sign new clients.

When an up-and-coming coach is evaluated by a team of experts and allowed to work on their coaching platform, clients are more willing to trust a new coach because they have already been vetted by the coaching website.

Streamline Your Client Recruiting Process

Coaching platforms offer a loophole to succeed in a saturated market because they have an existing client base, a working marketing strategy, and experience in retaining long-term coaching clients.

When you choose to work on a coaching website, you are essentially putting yourself on the map.

You are instantly put on the radar of that platform’s current and future clients.

You Don’t Have to Carry the Load on Your Own

Running the show on your own, as many small business owners know, will lead a coach to run themselves thin, trying to fill in each gap of their business by wearing different hats.

This, in the end, will only affect their coaching abilities, and when those abilities are decreased, their business struggles.

When a business coach partners with a coaching website, their problems will be shared with a team of experts. This takes a huge weight off a coach’s shoulders and allows them to be more efficient in your coaching.

Here’s How Cocaptain Will Help You Excel as a Business Coach

CoCaptain is a coaching website founded on the idea of offering accessible options for individuals in every demographic. They also run on the belief that to offer their clients excellent coaching options, they have to provide each coach with the best platform, information, and support 24/7.

Ensured Autonomy

While most coaching websites require every coach they hire to adhere to certain coach models and styles and to undergo other restrictions regarding their practice, CoCaptain stands out for encouraging their coaches’ autonomy.

When working with CoCaptain, a coach can choose to use their preferred coaching model and strategies; they can even set their own prices and availability. CoCaptain then matches the coach and their corresponding method to a client that’s the perfect fit.

A Variety of Coaching Options

Most coaching websites stick to one coaching type: life coaches only or strictly business coaches — never a mix.

CoCaptain is well aware that there are different types of coaches for different needs. They offer executive, career, small business, and life coaching, as well as subject-matter expert guidance and advisory sessions.

If you have certain skills and certifications that make you better equipped to coach certain types of clients with specific needs, you can consider specializing in an area of coaching and catering to a niche.


In today’s world, coaches are most drawn to coaching platforms to connect with a broader audience and more easily sign on new clients.

CoCaptain works as an arm of a coach’s sales strategy to help them grow their business. The small percentage that CoCaptain takes from a coach’s revenue from the site goes towards paying their marketing team to create content, blog posts, video ads, testimonials, and manage the upkeep of the platform’s operations.

This strategy ensures that the site is continually bringing in new customers for their coaches and retaining the current users.

Furthermore, the home page is simple, and the website design is constructed to encourage new users to sign up with their email address and follow the steps to find the perfect coach for their needs.

The Basics

Apart from the unique resources that make CoCaptain special, they also offer the standard tech tools integral for the upkeep of any business.

A coach will never have to worry about getting paid, charging their clients, or scheduling problems because the administration software at CoCaptain has all of that covered.

They offer an automated billing service that is easy for both the coach and their client to use. And the scheduling software that enables clients to look at their coach’s calendar and choose available time slots with just a click is a big time-saver.

Resources and a Network of Support

CoCaptain is dedicated to helping every coach grow and succeed; that’s why they have partnered with WBECS, the world’s leading learning platform for business and executive coaches. CoCaptain’s coaches can get special discounted access to WBECS trainings and other resources.

Furthermore, the team at CoCaptain is always there to help each coach, whether it’s troubleshooting the site for their clients, figuring out a new coaching method, or offering them resources to enhance their coaching abilities.


Because of the coaching market saturation, many coaching websites focus on hiring as many coaches as possible; they don’t mind that they have more coaches than clients. This means that each coach has lower odds of getting matched to good clients.

CoCaptain is different because they care about their coaches as much as they care about their clients.

This means that they are particularly selective when hiring coaches to balance supply and demand, ensuring that each coach they hire will always have a strong presence on the website and the possibility of signing on new clients that will stick.

Bottom Line

CoCaptain stands out as one of the best websites for coaches to excel in their profession and continue our missions to make coaching accessible for all.

CoCaptain’s easy-to-use platform makes your job as a coach simple and encourages you to focus on becoming the best coach you can be for your clients.

Join our team of impact-driven coaches and become an integral part of our operation — instead of getting lost among the sea of coaches on other sites.

Join our discussion: How do you think coaching sites are driving the industry forward?

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Bryan Rosenthal is the CEO & Founder of CoCaptain, the virtual coaching marketplace on a mission to make coaching accessible for all.

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Bryan Rosenthal

Bryan Rosenthal

Bryan Rosenthal is the CEO & Founder of CoCaptain, the virtual coaching marketplace on a mission to make coaching accessible for all.

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